Nachricht vom Bent Al Reef Women Empowerment Project zu PalCHs Jubiläum


I am very thankful that PalCH accompanied us and supported our work both morally and financially in the last 15 years in empowering women from the villages who do not have a chance for education. Most of the women we are working with, do not finish their school education.

They stay at home most of the time, some are married and are busy in raising a new generation of Children. How can those women contribute to a better society if they are not motivated and encouraged?! How can they feed others with energy if they are losing their own?! How can they deal with all these difficult political, economic, and social challenges under occupation and oppression?!

This is I believe a good reason why the PalCH association was founded 20 years ago, to help those people who are in need, to stand up for their rights, to believe in themselves and to provide them with the basic needs for a better education in order to shape a better society based on justice.

Thank you PalCH, thank you to the board members and to all who are contributing and supporting this association, for their commitment and solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

Thank you for making a difference.
Jihan Nassar, Nahalin, October 2021